Four Corners Tour – Ride Day 7 – Tour Day 4 – July 18, 2015 – Saturday

Four Corners Tour

Start Time: 8:38 AM CDT
Stop Time: 7:10 PM CDT
Start Location: Brandon, MS
Stop Location: Jacksboro, TX
Lodging: Fort Richardson State Park Campground
Breakfast: Heart and Soul Diner (eggs benedict)
Lunch: Subway (turkey sub on flat bread)
Dinner: Campsite Dinner (peanut butter and Jelly on flour tortilla, Apple, cherries)
Miles Traveled Today: 526
Weather: 88-104, Clear Skies All Day

States visited so far on this tour.

Route: Took I-20 90% of the way, and then a whole slew of small highways, too many to list, but finished off on highway 199.

Before hitting the road, I decided to take a few photos of my aunt and uncles 100 year old house (my 90 year old uncle was raised in the home, and moved back after his parents passed away).

Then I got a photo of the whole crew using my handy dandy iPole.

Great ride today, although a long hot day. Clear skies all the way, and the temperature got as high as 104. 526 miles in that heat would typically drain me, but I felt great when I got to the campground.

Picked up 2 more states today, although my photo of the Welcome to Louisiana sign did not turn out too good.

Welcome to Louisiana Sign
Welcome to Texas Sign
When I arrived at Fort Richardson State Park Campground, I decided to time myself setting up the Aspen Classic Camper. 11:26 is my new record, and I’m hoping to get it down to under 10 minutes.

Here are a few shots of my home away from home this evening.

Ran into this guy on my hike to the bath house (apparently the deer here are very used to humans walking by).

And just in case you’re wondering, yes, it’s pretty much a desert here in Jacksboro, Texas.

Right next door is a wind farm, and they have a bunch of these windmills.

These things are huge.

No one tried to kill me today, so once again I find it appropriate to thank my Lord and Savior for keeping me on top of Sweet Baby JIL.

Tomorrow I’m headed for New Mexico.

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