Four Corners Tour – Ride Day 13 – Tour Day 10 – July 27, 2015 – Monday

Four Corners Tour

Start Time: 7:23 AM PDT
Stop Time: 7:02 PM PDT
Start Location: Malibu, CA
Stop Location: Half Moon Bay, CA
Lodging: Half Moon Bay RV Park
Breakfast: Campsite (bagel with cream cheese)
Lunch: El Pollo Loco (original bowl)
Dinner: Cameron’s Restaurant & Inn (fish and chips)
Miles Traveled Today: 447
Weather: 61-82, Started out overcast, but after 10:00, it was clear and sunny the rest of the day

States visited so far on this tour.

Route: a bunch of back roads to CA-27, CA-1, CA101, CA-1

Well, today was the best ride day yet. When I left the camp, I elected to let Miss. Zumo have her way with me, and it was great.

Miss. Zumo took me up through the mountains of the Malibu area, and the roads were phenomenal.

 After about an hour of this riding ecstasy, I was getting the feeling Miss. Zumo was taking me in the wrong direction (the sun was obscured by the cloud cover, but I kept seeing the ocean on my right instead of my left).

I figured it was already going to be a long day, so I better intervene and get my self to CA-1, and did so pronto. And this is what I found.


I was forced to take US-101 for a while before I could get back on CA-1, so I entered the name of a restaurant my good friend and infrequent golf buddy, David McKnight suggested.

I’m not a big pollo eater, but that was some good pollo.

When I got back on CA-1, it did not disappoint, every sexy curve is followed by another with another behind that one.


Turned out to be a really long day, but oh so worth it. I’ll wait until I finish tomorrow’s ride to proclaim it the best motorcycle road in America, no never mind, I’m just going to prophesy it.

I proclaim CA-1 the best motorcycle road in America, so there you have it.

Made it to the campground just in time to catch the sun setting into a line of clouds instead of the ocean, but it was still a beautiful thing to behold.

The campground had some of those high tech front load washers and dryers (noticed them when I went down to the bath house for a shower).

I decided that although I’m definitely not qualified to operate these bad boys, my riding pants and jacket were in desperate need of a bath. $5.00 in quarters later, they were like new again (almost).

Since the campground had its own restaurant, I decided to give the PB&J on flour tortilla a rest. The British theme of Cameron’s Restaurant & Inn told me I should try the Fish & Chips.

An excellent decision Mr. B (I talk to myself pretty often, mainly because I always give myself the answers I want to hear).

Lord, you know what I saw today, and you know that I know that you made it all (well except for the road, but since we are created in your image, we have an insatiable desire to create too, and the folks that created these roads did something really, really hard, but really, really well).

Lord, may all who see your glorious creation recognize the Creator. I praise You for touching all my senses today, oh yeah, and for keeping me and Sweet Baby JIL out of that great big green/blue pond called the Pacific.

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