This video tutorial series is meant to help new users of the True32 Custom Cabinetry Website Template (AKA: Websites for Woodworkers) to edit and maintain their website.

Probably the most frequent thing a cabinetmaker wants to do to his/her website is add images of jobs, and several of these videos cover that process. But, please keep in mind that too much content can be worse than none or not enough. My personal opinion is that you should have just enough images to illustrate your capabilites, and all other image activiteies should happen on your social media channels (where they can be Liked and Shared).

If social media is not your cup of tea, I will do that for you for a monthly subscription cost. You still have to supply the images, although many times they are just a bunch of past images cabinetmakers have taken over time, and I just drip them out each week.

I am glad to do all these things for you if you don't have time or interest in learning all this stuff.

Once the video starts, you will probably want to click on the Full Screen icon in the bottom right corner of the video to make it full screen, and when it finishes, use the Esc key on your keyboard to get back to the menu of videos.