This video tutorial series is meant to help new users of Custom Cabinet Estimator master the program, and serves as the only means of support.

You will hear me mention Business Partner as the name of the software in a few of these videos, and that is because Custom Cabinet Estimator and Business Partner Estimating Software are based on the same source code, but when it was determined that the Partners who owned Business Partner Software, LLC had differing visions of where to go next, it was determined that instead of one partner buying the other out, that both would take the source code and do with it what seemed best to each.

The path I have taken with Custom Cabinet Estimator has been to reduce the cost from $1500 to $299 and let these video tutorials serve as the training and support as opposed to me fielding calls and emails. This program, although completely rebuilt from the ground up in 2015, and many incremental improvements since, has existed since 1999, and has proven to be reliable and easy to use, so online, telephone and email support simply should not need to be part of the cost structure, and thus the price you pay for the software.

Even though Custom Cabinet Estimator has gone through several upgrades and updates since it was launched under the new name, the interfaces (other than color, Business Partner was Blue, and Custom Cabinet Estimator is Green) are almost identical, and the setup and use is very similar, so it was determined that these video tutorials would be sufficient for Custom Cabinet Estimator training and Support.

You are welcome to email me with questions on techniques or use cases that you do not find listed in the Video Tutorials, but just know it may take me a while to answer.


Once the video starts, you will probably want to click on the Full Screen icon in the bottom right corner of the video to make it full screen, and when it finishes, use the Esc key on your keyboard to get back to the menu of videos.