This video tutorial series is meant to help new users of the Project Tracker Airtable Template learn to utilize, maintain and expand the tool.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with Project Tracker:

  • Run quick Ballpark Estimates (from a PC or SmartPhone)
  • Track your Lead Source
  • Track your Sales Pipeline
  • Track your "Next Step"
  • Track your Projects by Category (remodel verses new, commercial verses residential)
  • Manage your Production/Job Status
  • Track your Payment Schedule

It is also a Repository (Single Source of Truth) for:

  • Projects
  • Project Galleries (that can be shared with clients)
  • Companies you work for (or want to work for)
  • People (Contacts you work for or want to work for)
  • Rooms (Selections)
  • Estimates
  • Proposals
  • Rates (for Ballpark Estimates)
  • Step-by-Step instructions sets

If you struggle with managing your Projects, Sales Pipeline, Ball Park Estimates, Estimates, Proposals, and much more, this Project Tracker base might just be the tool you have been looking for.

This video tutorial series is intended to teach you how to exploit the riches of this Airtable Base, but if you don't have the desire or patience to wade through these tutorials, you can schedule one-on-one consulting time here on the Store.

If you learn to use the app, and decide you want it to do more, you can purchase consulting time for me to help you with that process.

If you don't have the time, patience or interest in learning all this stuff, I am glad to do all these things for you, just let me know and I will customize your app at the same hourly rate you see listed here on my store for Consulting time.

Once the video starts, you will probably want to click on the Full Screen icon in the bottom right corner of the video to make it full screen, and when it finishes, use the Esc key on your keyboard to get back to the menu of videos.