To be, or not to be a Systemologist

When God gave Moses the law, he was providing a “System” that would enable the Hebrew people to cooperate so they could live and trade in community. One of the really basic systems was how the tabernacle would be moved each time they set out for a new location, using loops, poles, and specific people having specific tasks, the process was clearly defined for all involved. Even how and when each tribe would set out was defined.

All of the Hebrew law was a System of governance, with the objective being to replace chaos with order. In the absence of systems, chaos will rule the day, no matter how good a leader you are (e.g., the early days of Moses and the Hebrew people, before God gave them the law). Moses was perhaps the 2nd greatest leader in all of human history, and yet before the law, chaos consumed his days. What makes us think we are any different? We need systems if we want order, calm, peace and respite.

I personally am not the best people person, so I had to learn early in my entrepreneurial life how to create and manage systems, so the systems could manage my people. My work life experience is a living testament to the effectiveness of Systems. Become an effective Systemologist, and you WILL make more money now and in the future.

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