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OneThingLean is my idea of combining the best of Lean, Flow and Theory of Constraints. I think the following Eli Goldratt quote sums up my thoughts on this more than any words I could come up with;

“When I’m trying to improve a situation, I simply don’t see much point wasting time on small problems when I can solve the big ones. Much more return for basically the same effort.”
– Eli Goldratt

Although I have attempted to avoid using the word consulting for most of my working life, I have ended up doing a lot of it, and my beliefs are that if we spend our time dealing with the symptoms of a core problem rather than the identifying and dealing with the core problem, we will most likely get phantom improvements. Using the framework of OneThingLean, my objective when consulting with cabinetmakers, or any other small business owner is to find the constraint, then work the five step process of Theory of Constraints so we get the most return on the time, money and brain cells invested.


This consulting time is a new addition to the True32 WebStore based primarily on the current COVID-19 pandemic. Although most construction industry trades have been deemed essential (in most states anyway), and are allowed to continue working during this time of quarantine, my call volume on requests for consulting have gone up substantially. Many cabinetmakers are taking this opportunity to attempt to work on their business instead of in their business, and doing all they can to make their businesses better for when these stay home dictates end.

This pandemic will end just as surely as it ended in the 13th century after the Black Plaque (Bubonic plague) pandemic, and in 20th century after the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. This is a unique opportunity for small business owners throughout the world to take extraordinary steps toward improving their systems and processes so that when this ends, and it will end, they can hit the ground running. Companies that invest in improvement now will be able to exploit the future work that will be a result of shutting down our economy for some period of time.

Born out of a ‘How Can I Help’ mindset, I have added this consulting item that is sold in 1 hour increments. This Online Training/Coaching/Consulting can be on topics related to:

  • 32mm System Engineering and/or Manufacturing
  • Full Access Assembly and/or Installation
  • Theory of Constraints
  • Lean
  • Flow Manufacturing
  • QuickBooks
  • Custom Cabinet Estimator Estimating Software
  • KCD Design Software
  • Website Design, Optimization, Improvement, Management, SEO
  • Project Management
  • Time Management
  • Asana, Trello, AirTable
  • Computer Management (software, hardware, if I can’t help you, I know someone that can)
  • Cloud Storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box)
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Marketing/Sales (branding, Social Media, promotion)

…or anything else you think I can deliver value to you and your company on. Sometimes it’s just good to brainstorm with someone who has walked in your shoes.


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