Project Tracker Airtable Template


This Airtable Template could potentially revolutionize your companies sales and manufacturing performance, and at what the template will cost you, what do you have to lose?



NOTE: The new Notion World Domination Custom Cabinetry template was intended to replace this template and the TOC Accounting template, but I’m leaving both Airtable templates here for those that prefer Airtable, or can’t justify the cost of the Notion template.

This Template is intended to be used for multiple purposes, first and foremost being your Single Source of Truth (the first and last place you look for anything Project related), and some others being:

Repository for:
  • Projects
  • Project Galleries (project images that can be shared with clients)
  • Companies you work for (or want to work for)
  • People (Contacts you work for or want to work for)
  • Rooms (Selections)
  • Ballpark Estimates
  • Estimates
  • Proposals
  • Rates (for Ballpark Estimates)
  • Step-by-Step instructions sets
Things you can do:
  • Run quick Ballpark Estimates (from a PC, Tablet or SmartPhone)
  • Track your Lead Sources
  • Track your Sales Pipeline
  • Track your “Next Step(s)”
  • Track your Projects by Category (remodel verses new construction, commercial verses residential)
  • Manage your Production/Job Status
  • Track your Payment Schedule
By Product of Using Project Tracker:
  • Production Calendar (this is the flagship feature, and shows job name, cabinet quantity and job cost in a Calendar view)
  • Rates (your minimum, average and high job costs to be used for Ballpark Estimates and how they are trending)
  • Accepted/Rejected ratio (how many Ballpark Estimates are excepted verses rejected and how that ratio is trending)
  • Win/Loss Ratio (how many proposals turn into jobs and how that ratio is trending)
  • Production Status can reveal your Constraint (visual indicator of where your Constraints and/or Bottlenecks are)

After you purchase the template, I invite you into my World Domination Cabinetry Project Tracker (Airtable Base), then you will need to visit the Airtable website, create an account (if you do not already have one), accept my invitation to the Airtable base, Duplicate the Base, and then you will have your own copy to modify and utilize in any way you want.

Airtable is pretty easy to use, and for the most part it is self-evident how to use this template, to help I have created a suite of Video Tutorials to get you up to speed on the basics, but if you have never used a cloud based database, you would be wise to purchase some one-on-one consulting time with me so I can walk you through the basics at the very least (an hour or two will get that accomplished for most computer literate users, more time would be required for less computer literate beginners). For those that want to master this app, you can purchase as much consulting time as you need, I have enabled you to schedule the time here on my website.

If you find the App useful, and find that you would like to add other features and/or capabilities, but don’t feel qualified or don’t want to learn what’s needed to do that, I am available for customizing your app as well.


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