Effective Estimating that leads to Bullet Proof Proposals SEMINAR

I will be doing a 2 hour session on Estimating at IWF 2018, and I highly recommend you attend. For those that have been through the True32 Training Workshop, and are Certified True32 Custom Cabinetry Manufacturers, you know more about how I ran my business than anyone under the sun, but you don’t know one of the most powerful things I did to make my business successful because I only recently learned how to articulate it, and will be sharing this in the estimating seminar. You guys that know me well know I did not keep secrets, if something worked for me, I shared it with anyone that would listen. This was not a secret, I did this, and apparently did it pretty well, but never really grasped it’s significance, or even really understood that I was doing it. Make your travel arrangements, and sign up today for IWF and for my estimating seminar.

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